Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ready for Spring!!

I tried Cameron's sunglasses on to see if they still fit and he just left them on while he was eating Breakfast. I guess he is ready for the sun!!
Here are a few pictures from March. We have pretty much just been hanging out around the house. A few Dr. appointments for Carson have gotten us out and about, but that is about it. Maybe we can get outside soon and go places and I will have more to blog about....

Carson wanted to try out Oscar's bed
Cameron, Carson (with a little drool)

Cameron is sooooo big!

Carson is soooo big

Cameron, Carson

Carson, Cameron

Carson, up close!

Carson, Cameron (more drool)

Some friends of ours painted these little chairs for the boys, they love them!


Cameron, again so big

David went in to get Cameron after his nap and thought he looked funny with his arms hanging over the side of the crib so he took a few pictures.



Carson has started taking a few steps. He keeps practicing everyday. Cameron just watches him go by, not interested in attempting this himself.

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