Monday, June 14, 2010


So, for a couple of weeks I had been hounding David to figure out a time that would work best for us to go to Michigan. Anyone reading this probably knows him pretty well and knows how hard it is to get him to lock down a time and date for anything! Ugh! We had been dicussing different days to go but didn't come up with anything specific. He was getting ready to take off in the truck and I told him he needed to decide on a time ASAP! Well, he did. He called me back at around 3pm that day and said "Do you want to leave tomorrow?" What?!?! I ran around trying to get everything together in a short amount of time. Turns out I did ok packing because we had everything we needed--usually I forget to pack something!
We had a great time while we were there. We got there late Thursday night. Friday we hung out most of the day then went to Relay for Life and watched Mia and Mike do the Survivor lap. I don't cry easily, but found myself very emotional. It was a windy day, but the rain held off until we were on our way home. Saturday Amy, Mia, and I went shopping with Mia protesting all the way. Amy and I just kept telling her "Just one more store, Mia." Poor little girl hates shopping and we drug her to quite a few places, but it was also a special day for her as she graduated from Kindermusik! Sunday we went to church, had a picnic by the lake afterwards and just relaxed at home the rest of the day. Monday we left for home. So it was a short trip, but well worth it! Can't wait to see them all again next month!
Cameron playing Pretty Princess with Mia

Carson and Cameron at the lake

Carson and Dad


Mia eating her sandwich at the lake

Cameron and Dad


Carson and Cameron playing

At Relay for Life

Take two

Mike and Mia walking the Survivor lap


Cameron and Dad

Meeting Anthony at the bus stop

Walking to the bus stop with Aunt Amy

Carson on the way to MI

Cameron on the way to MI

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May was kind of a laid back month. A few Dr. appts. and plenty of visits to grandparents' houses. One big event for all of us was that the boys have been reunited at night time now. We moved Carson out when they were about 6 months old because of his bottom/tummy problems--he would wake up sometimes at night. Well, this past week we put them back together. Oh my, What a party! You would have thought they hadn't seen each other for weeks! The first night there was a good hour of "party time". Laughing, giggling, squealing, throwing things,and jumping on the bed were all involved in the party. Finally they did settle down and slept through the night--until 5:30am. What?! I got up and went in their bedroom to find Cameron still sleeping and Carson leaning over the side of his crib yelling "ha-HA" at Cameron. So, needless to say, we were all up early that day. As of last night, a week later, they fell asleep within a half an hour and slept until around 7am. Yea! The boys also had their 15 month check up. Carson weighed in at 23lbs 7 oz. and Cameron was 23lbs. We also got big boy car seats. We haven't gotten them in the car yet but they love to sit in them in the living room. Hopefully they like them as much in the car!

Carson being naughty

At the Dr's office checking out the cool chair.

"We have to get how many shots?"

The boys are always looking out our picture window so I took a few pictures from the outside.
Cameron is kissing the window....nice.

Carson and Cameron checking out their new seats.

Not sure what happened here...

Carson helping Dad put his crib back together in their bedroom.

And he took off with the screwdriver.

The videos below are of Carson cleaning out the cupboards--his favorite activity!