Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here are a few pictures from Valentine's Day and just hanging out around the house. The videos are just a couple of random times the boys were having fun playing together. Carson loves it when Cameron will bounce on him and Cameron loves the peek-a-boo game. I love to hear their giggles, puts a smile on my face every time!!!

Cameron--Sooo big!!!

Carson playing in the curtains.

Carson and Cameron--Happy Valentine's Day!!

We are both soooo big!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh what fun...

The boys love their new wagon they got for their birthday! Since we can't be outside in the cold, we like to ride up and down our long hallway....

Monday, February 8, 2010

We're one!!

Wow! What a weekend! The boys had a great time at their party. Lots of family and good friends to help them celebrate. One year ago, I was worried about what kind of physical challenges Carson and Cameron would face. How would I be able to care for both of them and give them what they need? What would it be like for them living in the hospital NICU for several weeks? Fast forward one year, what was on my mind? Do I have enough food and cupcakes for everyone? Where will everyone sit? Will the boys like cake? Oh, what a difference a year makes! Saturday started off with me frantically running around baking cupcakes, cleaning a little, and making a list of things I forgot to get at the store--David took care of that for me. I was trying to remember why I decided not to do anything the day before. Relatives started showing up around noon. We all ate lunch and talked for while. Then it was time for cake! Carson and Cameron didn't dig right in like I thought they would, they had to look it over and then they would look at all of us staring at them. They finished most of their cupcakes and Oscar even got a few bites too. They were so tired then so they took naps and then we opened presents once they woke up. Friends came over later in the afternoon, and we just sat and talked while the kids played. Thanks everyone, it was a great time! Cameron and Carson on their actual birthday

Cameron, Carson and Oscar

The cake

Grandma Kathy and Cameron

Carson and Grandma Judy

The boys and the Grandmas

The shirt



Cameron, Carson and Ben. Carson didn't care for the hat.

Cameron and Carson






Cameron doesn't care for the clean up process!

Carson thinks it's funny



Carson and his new Hooters shirt


Cameron and Carson before he dove off the chair

Cameron and Carson in their "1" shirts that Aunt Amy made!