Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello?!? Do I have any followers left? Where have I been? I'm not sure. I have no excuse, and believe me, I tried to think of one. We got through Christmas and the boys' 2nd birthday and David and I even turned a year older in between there. David tried to gain 2 years as he was telling people he was going to turn 38 instead of 37. Here are some pictures we took along the way. Carson

Cameron loves to dress up!

Cameron again

They love their sunglasses!

Watching Curious George with Oscar.


Playing together at Aunt Ruth and Uncle John's house.

At the Omaha zoo with both grandmas and Aunt Ruth.

During the zoo

Before the zoo--they were not excited at first!

Oscar and Cameron enjoying the beanbags they got for their birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa Fox at the boys' birthday party.

Happy Birthday!

I like the box.

A new computer!

Presents, presents!

More presents....

Lunch time!

Birthday cupcakes!

On their actual birthday (before haircuts!)

Breakfast on thier birthday.

Cameron and oven mits. Please don't laugh at my burnt oven mits, they may or may not have caught on fire-not once, but twice-while I was "cooking".

Yes, this is dangerous. I am well aware. That is all I will say about that.




Carson and the nebulizer. Yeah, he hates it.

It's snowing!

Don't we look like angels??

Carson "frosting" cookies.


Christmas Eve

Well, again, I will tell you I will try to do better with my blog postings. We are looking forward to Spring and getting out of the house more. Stay tuned!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun!!

As far as I am concerned, Fall is definitely the best time of year! Pumpkins, pretty leaves, cooler weather (others with naturally curly hair also appreciate this, I'm sure), and Judy's carmel apple pie!! Here are pictures of a few of our adventures. The boys at the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins are called "pump-eez" at our house.
The boys with Grandpa Wayne during Harvest.

Carson farming with Grandpa Wayne.

Cameron farming with Dad.

Boys goofing around in Dad's truck.

Carson, Cameron, & David near our house.

Our front steps--nobody was cooperating!

I decided that since I am not working (and I don't know how long David is going to let that go on), that a trip to Michigan to visit the Berarducci's. So the boys and I jumped in the car and drove all day. It went better than I had thought so that was great. We stayed almost a week and got in plenty of shopping (good thing the boys aren't old enough to object yet), a visit to Anthony and Mia's school, an outing to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Anthony's soccer game, the pumpkin patch, and some family photos! All in all, a great time!

Mia, Cameron, and Carson in the play area at Meijer Gardens.

Blown glass sculptures at Meijer Gardens.


The kids having a great time-ha!

Carson and Mia taking in a little TV.

The boys on the beach during our photo shoot. You can look at all of the photos online at parkerphoto.net, go to customer gallery, then to berarducci.

Cameron outside one of the stores during our first shopping day.

Back at home, driving with Dad. This is all VERY safe!

Batman times two--Happy Halloween!

Playing in the leaves, evidently it isn't as fun as I remembered it to be....

Update on the house--still creeping along on the house in Britt. Our most recent goal has been to be in there by Christmas, not sure that will happen. They are there drywalling as I type this, and hopefully the kitchen cabinets can start going in in a couple of weeks. Then flooring, which David thinks he is going to attempt himself. Not sure how that is going to go since he is hardly ever home. I told him we should get more people involved in that project so we could get it done in a weekend--any volunteers??

Friday, September 10, 2010

Make way for the Smiley Train!

The boys rode "The Smiley Train" on Monday. Kanawha held their annual town celebration and had a pretty nice parade. Cameron enjoyed picking up the candy, but he would chew the end of the wrapper instead of trying to take it off. All he got was tootsie rolls, which he didn't get to eat any of. You have to be pretty fast to get any of the chocolate candy before Grandpa Wayne gets it!!