Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Adventures....

We decided that the boys needed a haircut when we noticed that there was quite a bit of hair growing over their ears. I think Grandpa Wayne's comment was "Oh, fiddle!" when I told him that we thought they needed haircuts. David and I decided that neither one of us wanted to attempt this, so I met David at his appointment and the boys had their turns after Daddy. Most of the pictures of Carson are blurry as he did not want to sit still. Cameron did well and only gave the "stink eye" once or twice when she turned on the electric trimmer.

Another fun thing this month was that Carson decided that he likes to walk! No, not on his own yet. He walks behind his little scooter/walker. It's so funny when he goes from one side of the living room to the other and can't go any farther, he will turn and look at all the spectators to make sure they saw the whole thing. What a show! Cameron is not as into it as Carson, he would rather ride on the scooter than walk.

David turned 36 on the 19th of January, but we still have yet to do any celebrating. He was on the road most of the week and the weather has not been very good for anyone to come celebrate with us! I assume my upcoming birthday will be the same since it will be the same week as the twins turn one! That's right, in two weeks my little babies will be one year old already! People have always told me that it goes so fast, but it just seems so crazy! The boys share their birthday with their Great Aunt Ruth--Happy birthday, Ruth! I'm sure there will be a few pictures taken at their birthday party, so I will post more after that. Anyone is welcome to join us on Feb. 6th, at our house for the festivities!

Cameron and Carson before their haircuts


This is easy!

Wait! What's that?!?!


I'm not sure I care for this...

I said just a little off the sides!

Ooo, I'm lookin' good!


Are we done yet?!?

Cameron's attempt at walking..


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